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Aging Kittens: Week By Week (Video)

Kittens seem to always grow so fast! And it almost feels like they jump from kitten to young adult instantly but there are several stages a kitten goes through before reaching that point!  From newborn to just 8-weeks-old, find out how kitten grows! “In this adorable and information-packed video, I’ll teach you everything you need […]

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Cat Medley: Funnies, Glow-Ups, Rescues And Loss

We’re in need of a delicious cat medley this week, wouldn’t you say? We searched through the most up-voted cat pictures on the popular subreddit r/cats from the past few weeks, and we decided to share them all with you! The pictures all have one thing in common, and that is, of course, cats. However, […]

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Glow-Ups: Abandoned Animals Tranformations Thanks To Love

Love is so powerful.  These poor animals had been abandoned, neglected, and the moment someone stepped in to give them a second chance — they absolutely flourished. It’s the best kind of glow-up there is.  If you have the chance to give an animal a second chance at life and love — please take it.  […]

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