Peaceful Sheep Laying In A Field As It Eats (Video)

This may be the shortest video we’ve ever featured, but it’s too important not to share with you! The absolute careless bliss and wholesomeness!  And for all those who believe in spirit animals, we believe we found you another wonderful contender! This lazy, or simply happy, sheep is laying in a field of grass… and […]

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Precious Gorilla Dad Wrestles With Little Son (Video)

Here are 2 minutes of pure magic and love. 35-year-old Motuba, a gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo, is seen here wrestling with his two-year-old son, Ajabu.  Did you know what when a gorilla has its mouth open and shows only the lower teeth, it’s in a playful mood and inviting to play? Pretty interesting!  In […]

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Cat Therapy: Eight Blissful Minutes Of Cat Life (Video)

Oh, to lay out in the sun and soak up the warmth! Cats can appreciate the simple things in life and we think that’s what makes them so calming to watch and to have in our lives.  Cat therapy is when you need a moment from all the craziness of the outside world and just […]

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Excited Elephants Run To Greet New Rescued Baby Elephant

This video is from 2017 but it just makes us feel so warm and happy that we had to let it surface once more!  The video is only a bit over a minute but filled with a lot of emotions, excitement, and love, that you can just feet.  Elephants are truly remarkable animals, so intelligent […]

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Abundance Of Kitty Love (17 Pics)

There’s something quite special about the bond between animals, and we can argue that the bond between cats is especially special.  Simply because a cats affection isn’t usually won over quickly. It takes time to earn their trust and their love but once you do — you still can’t count on that! It’s an ongoing […]

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