Bird Helps Hedgehog Cross The Road (Video + Comments)

Wow! Talk about encouragement!  At first glance, it definitely seems like this magpie is nudging a hedgehog to quickly cross the dangerous road.  And if you look at it that way, it’s rather beautiful. Animals helping other animals…and while, it does happen sometimes in nature, it’s probable (as many comments below have stated) that the […]

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Man Takes His Hedgehog To Go See "Sonic The Hedgehog" In Theaters

Dreams really do come true! Bandit the hedgehog was able to see her idol — Sonic — on the big screen!  Twitter user Jake & Bandit, shared adorable pics of Bandit right beside the Sonic cardboard cutouts! The tweet obviously went viral because who wouldn’t want to see a hedgehog posing with Sonic the Hedgehog? […]

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Azuki, The Japanese Hedgehog, Goes on a Camping Trip And Enjoys Every Second Of It

We know you all know Azuki, the little hedgehog from Japan with his perky ears and button nose. Recently, the cute hedgehog, who has more than 430K followers, traded his comfortable dream house for a fully-equipped miniature camping set with a cute tiny tent, kayak, and even a barbecue set. It seems like the little […]

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