Adorable Illustrations Give Solid Advice On Handling Life Right Now (Comics)

Meet “Ju” of Jubes Comics! A talented artist whose drawn up these handy-dandy comics on how to handle the real-life hardships were dealing with now, the global pandemic. Through her adorable illustrations, the comic offers some solid advice that everyone should take a glance at. The objective behind these illustrations? To keep us all well-informed […]

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How to Prevent Your Pet From Developing Separation Anxiety Post Quarantine

During this crazy time many of us have been confined to our homes and for some that means to be home 24/7 with our best friends. Our pets. However, because of this, many pets have become accustomed to having us home with them.  But then the question is… will they be okay once bans are […]

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Errol The Cat's Purrfect Guide To Self-Isolation

Errol the Somali Cat is here to provide some really helpful tips on how to deal with the situation currently at hand!  And we must say, the guide is simply purrfect. And oh so very helpful.  On Errol’s Instagram, it claims that Errol is a cat and not a fox… which is exactly what a […]

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'Robert The Otter's Insightful Guide On How To Handle The Coronavirus Anxiety

It’s no secret that people are getting more and more anxious everyday, reading all those scary headlines about the coronavirus.  Even Robert was feeling anxious! Until he spoke with his wife and gathered some insight and useful facts.  Meet Robert! Robert lives an ordinary life, earns an ordinary salary and works hard to support his […]

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