Bronze Metal Tributes To Special Animals Who Deserve To Be Remembered

All across the world you can find timeless metal tributes to all sorts of adorable beasts doing heroic deeds.    And yes, they are all good boys and girls.  Check out some of the world’s most heartwarming bronze creatures below.  1. Monument to laboratory mice, Novosibirsk, Russia 2. Statue of Balto, NYC, United States 3. […]

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Kid Raises Over $100,000 With Little Koala Figurines To Help Australia

This little boy is a hero.  When Owen, a six-year-old boy living in Massachusetts, heard about the devastating fires of Australia, earlier this year, he not only wanted to help the animals — he actually did something about it.  It all started with a drawing he did of a kangaroo, dingo, and koala in the […]

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Maggie The Cat Who Fights Demons (Comics)

Introducing a new heroine to the comic universe — Maggie!  Maggie is a cat from space who is humanity’s last hope to stop the evil Baron from unleashing his demon army on the Earth. The artist and writer behind the awesome new series is @tonyeatswords. If you love seeing a badass feline kick some demon […]

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Hero Cat Who Alerted Owner That The Slow Cooker Was Burning

In the middle of the night, cat owner Scott White was awoken in the early hours of Sunday to his cat purring and pacing about the room. Then the rescue cat, named Joey, even stood on his chest to get his undivided attention.  Luckily, Mr White was able to recognize something was wrong with the […]

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Heroic Pets: Stories Of Animals Who Saved Lives

Pets are comforting animals in our lives, but in some people’s lives — they are the very reason they’re STILL alive.  In a viral Facebook post, by Genial, users flooded the comment section and shared stories of how their pets have saved their lives. We’ve gathered the top stories and shared them below.  All we […]

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