Hero Cat Who Alerted Owner That The Slow Cooker Was Burning

In the middle of the night, cat owner Scott White was awoken in the early hours of Sunday to his cat purring and pacing about the room. Then the rescue cat, named Joey, even stood on his chest to get his undivided attention.  Luckily, Mr White was able to recognize something was wrong with the […]

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Indian Couple Buy Land Near Tiger Reserve To Let Forest Grow Back

Photographer Aditya Singh quit his job, left Delhi and moved to Sawai Madhopur city, in Rajasthan, just outside Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. He moved here in order to be closer to nature. His wife, Poonam Singh, opened a tourist resort there to earn their living. And over the past 20 years, the Singh’s has bought roughly […]

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Heroic Pets: Stories Of Animals Who Saved Lives

Pets are comforting animals in our lives, but in some people’s lives — they are the very reason they’re STILL alive.  In a viral Facebook post, by Genial, users flooded the comment section and shared stories of how their pets have saved their lives. We’ve gathered the top stories and shared them below.  All we […]

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