Adorable Furless Animals (18 Pics)

While we do love our super floofy animals, we also have a love for the non-fluffy/furry animals of the world!  Reptiles, hairless mammals, and maybe even insects? Maybe. We’ll see on that one.  This list is a celebration of all hairless animals in their true, adorable forms. Fur isn’t the measure of cuteness when it […]

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Close-ups Of Caterpillar 'Feet' (12 Pics)

Stop the presses, who in this universe would have thought that caterpillars have such cute feet?  Not us, that’s for sure! There’s so much beauty in some insects (sorry roaches, we’re just not ready for you yet), and sometimes that beauty isn’t really noticeable to us at first. Then you see it in a new […]

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Animals And Insects Eyes And Facts (38 Pics)

The eyes are the windows to the soul!  It’s quite bizarre-looking through all these animal and insect eyes and discovering how vastly different they are from one another. It’s just mind-boggling to think there are so many different eye colors, shapes, uses, it’s just too much to think about!  Here is a huge list of […]

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The Microscopic World Of Snails By Photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko

A snail looking at its own reflection? Who knew a snail could be a creature of deep sentience? Photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko, that’s who.  This magical and microscopic world is captured by the talented Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who has a gallery full of insects and beautifully shares their little/big world. .  The photographs are crisp, […]

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