Despite Three US Closings, Stumptown Has Opened in Japan

While maintaining fierce brand loyalty and continuous strides in the creation of packaged coffee drinks, Portland, Oregon-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters has not been immune from the retail impacts of the…

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Japanese Artist Packs Adorably Realistic Cat Heads Into Portrait Frames

Don’t you just love wool-felt art? It is actually done by knitting wool fibers into shapes with special needles.  The recent creation getting hype in Japan is a “cat frames” by local artist, Fujitasatomi’s (@fujita_satomi). Scroll down to see what Fujita is doing with these ordinary-looking wool-felt fabric and eye parts… With a closer look, […]

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Zoo In Japan Creates An Adorable Growth Diary For a New Sand Cat Kitten

Nasu Animal Kingdom zoo in Japan recently welcomed a new member to their family: an adorable female kitten sand cat. The cat, still to be named, was born in late April and has been growing strong under the care of zookeepers. Upon birth, she weighed in at 59 grams and measured 13 cm from head […]

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Japan’s Cafec Launches Roast-Specific Paper Filters

A coffee equipment company based in Japan has added new layers of precision to the design and composition of paper coffee filters. Late last year, longtime manual brewing equipment maker Cafec…

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Giant Animal Sculptures Made Of Excess Rice Straw

Northern Japan is known for its wealth of rice that produces a rich harvest each Fall. And after that rice is harvested, there’s a huge amount of rice straw that is leftover called “wara.” The Japanese people are also known to not waste anything so that excess wara was reused in plenty of ways: roofs, […]

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