Incredibly Talented Japanese Balloon Artist Creates Detailed Sculptures

We’ve shown you Masayoshi Matsumoto‘s incredible balloon sculpturing talent before, and now we’re back with more amazing pictures of his skilled creations. From famous cartoon characters to the cutest little animals, Masayoshi is the balloon extraordinaire you didn’t know you need in your life. Scroll through and enjoy his creations!  1. A deer 2. A […]

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Japanese Owner Documents His Cats Obsession With Paper Sliding Doors

Anyone who lives with cats and owns a Shoji, those traditional Japanese paper sliding doors, knows that the required maintenance for paper is a lot more frequent because cats are the natural enemy of a shut shoji door. Japanese Twitter user Kokonananya (@kokonananya) knows this very well as his cats are obsessed with them.  Every […]

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Japanese Artist Creates a Beautiful Photo Shoot Of Cosplaying Cats

Adorable cat cosplay is certainly nothing new, but Japanese Twitter user and cosplay enthusiast Yagyou (@YagyouNEKO) takes things to the next level with a beautiful photo shoots that make it appear as if the feline cosplayers are posing in the world of their respective anime.  Yagyou takes advantage of local shrines, bridges, and rich nature […]

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Series Of Heartwarming Pics Capture Womans Relationship With Her Shiba Inu

The bond we have with our pets are so deep, it’s difficult to put into words how much we love them and how strong those bonds we’ve created are. There is someone who managed to capture that love and bond, in a series of stunning and heartwarming pics. That photographer is Yasuto. A Japan-based photographer […]

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