Pets Who Are Bad To The Bone (And Don't Give A Heck)

Look out, we got some bad*sses over here! These troublemaking pets are bad and they know it.  They also know that they can get away with just about everything, all thanks to their adorable demeanor.  Darn, they really do have us wrapped around their little paws, eh?  Get ready to be disappointed in some pets, […]

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Man Builds Japanese-Inspired Heated House For Ungrateful Cat

This cat is a complete mood. According to the Redditor, u/bathtime85, her boyfriend spent 3 months completely these Japanese-stylistic cat house — complete with indoor heating!  And guess what? The cat won’t step foot in it. Unless there’s food which he’ll grab and then bolt.  Seeing the cats face of ingratitude in front of the […]

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