Alien And Little Human Heartwarming Sci-Fi Comic

Introducing a creative and fascinating comic, ‘The Last Human,’ by the talented Zack. The premise for this interesting, yet oddly wholesome, comic is explained on WebToons, “She’s the galaxy’s worst nightmare: a Human. Fortunately, she’s the last one. Now her adoptive (alien) mother is realizing that raising a young Human is no easy task.” And […]

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Kid Raises Over $100,000 With Little Koala Figurines To Help Australia

This little boy is a hero.  When Owen, a six-year-old boy living in Massachusetts, heard about the devastating fires of Australia, earlier this year, he not only wanted to help the animals — he actually did something about it.  It all started with a drawing he did of a kangaroo, dingo, and koala in the […]

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