Woman Sparks Debate After Dumping Water On Kid, Who Dumped Water On Her Cat

It all started when Twitter user @shannoncooperox shared this little anecdote of her 10-year-old neighbor dumping water on her cat while she couldn’t just ignore it.  That’s when things got really heated.  The people with kids came out at her claiming she is a full-grown adult who has no right to punish a kid this […]

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Photographer Takes Magical Shots Of Kids And Animals Together

Meet the extraordinary photographer — Andrea Martin! An award-winning children and family photographer in West Virginia.  Her photographs below show such a tenderness between the children and animals, it’s truly magical and looking at a real-life Disney movie moment. The ethereal lighting and happy expressions on the children’s faces are all so endearing — each […]

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Grandmother Documents The Adorable Adventures Of Her Giant Poodles And Grandchildren

The friendship between a kid and his pet is one of the precious bonds ever!  Japanese grandmother, Tamanegi,  started documenting the pure bond between her granddaughter and her three giant poodles, Qoo and Riku, since she was three-years-old.  A year later, her grandchild, Mame, was born, and the doting grandmother’s passion for photography intensified. With […]

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Important Tumblr Thread On Kids Respecting Animals

While it may seem obvious to some to teach their kids to respect animals, others out there will simply allow their kids to unknowingly torrent the animals they come into contact with.  When that is the case, it’s completely unfair to blame anything that happens entirely on the animal. It’s human nature to lash out […]

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