Mama Labrador Teaches Puppies To Swim (Video)

This group of puppies, in pup-ticular, are just too cute! Learning to swim is at first very scary stuff, but you just got to go for it and take that plunge! Of course, with someone to supervise you and in this case, there were a few supervisors! Some hoomans and a very proud mama lab!  […]

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Sports Broadcaster "Hosts" The Final Labrador World Series During Lockdown- Season

The game of bones is back!  You probably all remember the two adorable labrador athletes who met earlier in the lockdown-season for an iconic food-bowl race which went viral by their bored owner, sports broadcaster, @MrAndrewCotter. Now they’re back for the final round of this world series, a thrilling and strategic championship when Mabel, the […]

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