Rescued Circus Lions First Touch Of Grass (Video)

This is amazing! Thank you to those who rescued these gorgeous animals who have been living the past 8 years in tiny cages.  Now, they get to experience some tender, love, and care! In all forms, health and overall quality of life.  Just imagine, 8 years of living your life in a tiny cage and […]

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Lioness Finds Her Pride After Being Separated For Days (Video)

This lovely and fierce lioness was separated from her pride for 3 days, and on the third day, she came across a pack of lions. Unsure, she slowly walks forward.. then you see the moment of recognization has come to all the lioness’s present and it’s a beautiful reunion.  So happy you found your family, […]

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Lion Dads Who Are Done

It appears parenting is difficult for all living creatures and not just us humans! Here’s a lion dad who properly reflects some of our human-like reactions when it comes to dealing with little ones… That face that just screams, “done.” You know the one. If you don’t just scroll down to see what we’re talking […]

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Mama Lion Shows Little Chatty Cubs Around (Video)

Even though these little cubs are all grown up now, doesn’t mean we can’t look back and appreciate the adorableness of their early years and the sweet sound of their squeaky “meows.” This mama lion is showing her kids around the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Footage was captured in August 2017.  Sound on to hear […]

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Hangry Lions And Tigers (Video)

Better look out! These lions and tigers are haanngry! For those of you that don’t know, ‘hangry’ is a combination of hunger + angry.  And it is very, very real.  Big Cat Rescue is an educational non-breeding, accredited, sanctuary for these magnificent murder floofs! In their bio, they describe their residents attitudes, “In many of […]

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