Cats: The True Masters Of Limbo (Video)

CatPusic is putting the cat to the liquid-state test! With a passage under a wall, each attempt the cat takes to go through, the wall will be lowered.  As it gets more and more difficult for the cat to pass, will the liquid-state kick in? After all, cats are the ultimate masters of limbo due […]

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Cat Logic Presents "If It Fits, I Sits" (Video)

Why are cats always trying to get into everything?  Popular YouTuber, Kittisaurus, owner of 7 cats has created a new video in which she films her cats trying to fit into pretty much… everything.  And honestly, we enjoy every second of watching cats do so.  Submitted by: (via Kittisaurus) Tagged: boxes , soild , cute […]

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Extra Long Stretchy Cats

We all know by now that cats can defy gravity, are confirmed to be both solid and liquid creatures, and are by all means — just the absolute stretchiest. A cat’s stretched body reminds one of the candy ‘Laffy Taffy.’ That’s just how stretchy they can get. But don’t let us tell you, just scroll […]

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