Sassy Goats Break Out And Roam Free In Local Streets Of San Jose, California

Well, this is something you don’t see every day… While twitter user, Zach Roelands, was at the store on Tuesday evening, he saw the goats breaking through the fence and touring local streets, in San Jose, California. The peckish visitors weren’t afraid to sample a few lush gardens as they passed through.  1. Untitled I’m […]

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Meet Spot, The Robot Dog Patroling Singapore Parks To Encourage Social Distancing

With coronavirus outbreaks at different stages around the world, In many countries lockdowns are being carefully eased while urging citizens to keep on practicing the social distancing rules.  Meet Spot, one of Singapore’s newest measures after lifting lockdown.     Spot is a remote-controlled, four-legged dog robot who walks around Singapore parks and politely reminds […]

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Lambs Take Over Children's Playground (Video)

While the people are away, the lambs shall play! An adorable video of lambs taking over a the roundabout on the children’s playground, taken by Debbie Ellis and shared on Facebook, is going viral.  And it just might be our favorite animals-on-lockdown sighting yet. Be sure to click on the fullscreen button to see the […]

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