Amusement Park Straps In Giant Teddy Bear For Thrilling Ride

A Dutch theme park called Walibi Holland has just re-opened to the public and share an unusual group of thrill-seekers riding their ‘Untamed’ coaster.  In a fun and original way to invite back fans, and announce their re-opening, the staff has strapped 22 oversized teddy bears into the coaster for the best thrill ride of […]

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How to Train Your Human (A Cat's Guide)

Every cat knows that once you choose your human, you need to train them as well!  It’s super important too to make sure that the human knows whatever you do or say goes. Those are the rules.  The cat (aka you) is the real owner.  Follow these 5 simple rules and your human will be […]

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Artist Depicts Life With Four Cats (Comics)

It’s not so easy living with more than one cat… let alone four cats.  Russian artist, Lena Solomonova, lives with four cats and has shared on Instagram what that might feel like. In the form of comics, we get a glimpse into the unpredictable life that is living with multiple cats.  If you have more […]

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Awwdorable Troublemaking Pets That Can Get Away With Anything

Even murder. Yes, that’s how adorable they are.  These cheeky pets were caught in the act — red-handed! But, seriously, how can you be mad at those cute little faces of theirs? You might be angry for about 30 minutes….tops.  That’s about it. Let’s find out what these troublemakers did! Which ones would you forgive?  […]

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Day In The Life Told In Snaps: Cat Edition (22 Cat Snaps)

Happy Caturday! We love cat memes but could also celebrate with some cat snaps! And we know you’re itching for some fresh kitty litter and we are here to deliver!  22 wonderful cat snaps and posts to help us get through this thing called life. There is nothing quite like a satisfying cat dump, wouldn’t […]

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