20 Reasons Why Having a Cat Is Actually Better Than Having a Boyfriend

We know, cats are awesome.  They are so pure and just purrfect. And despite what many think, they do in fact shower us with unconditional love! (they just prefer to not show it all the time)  And if we are being totally honest, cats just bring so many amazing things to the table. They are […]

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Cat's Daily Routine While in Quarantine

For many of us, these days in quarantine mean a major change in our entire daily routines. For our beloved cats, however, it’s a day like any other day. Well, with a few exceptions—like trying to figure out why the heck we’re at home for so long, what’s with this handwashing and why on earth […]

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A Compilation of Cats Being Total Jerks

We love cats.  Even all those very strange yet awwdorable little quirks. Like running around at 3 am just because they feel like it. Or knocking things off the counter just because… well it’s in their way obviously.  But hey, we still love them! Even if they can be jerks sometimes.  Submitted by: (via cheezburger) […]

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ICanHasCheezburger Is Proud to Presents The 'Pet Passport'

I Can Has… a Pet Passport?! The answer: YES! YES YOU CAN!  The wait is over!   ICanHasCheezburger‘s new ‘Pet Passport‘ is now open and ready for our users to create their best friend’s newest passport!  And the best part? It’s as easy as creating an LOLcat meme!   Here’s an easy step by step guide […]

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Feline Intelligence: How Smart Are Cats

It’s well known that cats are clever creatures, but just how smart are they? And are they smarter than dogs? Watch to find out everything you need to know about feline intelligence.  Get more videos on Cheezburger’s Youtube Channel!  Submitted by: (via cheezburger) Tagged: lolcats , smart cats , facts , cat facts , interesting […]

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