Photographer Takes Magical Shots Of Kids And Animals Together

Meet the extraordinary photographer — Andrea Martin! An award-winning children and family photographer in West Virginia.  Her photographs below show such a tenderness between the children and animals, it’s truly magical and looking at a real-life Disney movie moment. The ethereal lighting and happy expressions on the children’s faces are all so endearing — each […]

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Under The Sea Beauties (Gifs)

There’s so much beauty under the sea. These creatures swim with just grace and can be so mesmerizingly colorful!  Sure, it’s slightly terrifying and there’s so much unknown about the world below but that makes it all the more exciting!  Let’s take a quick dive and explore some of the treasures the deep blue has […]

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The Microscopic World Of Snails By Photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko

A snail looking at its own reflection? Who knew a snail could be a creature of deep sentience? Photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko, that’s who.  This magical and microscopic world is captured by the talented Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who has a gallery full of insects and beautifully shares their little/big world. .  The photographs are crisp, […]

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Undisturbed Sea Turtles Lay 60 Million Eggs

Another uplifting story to come from this lock-down mess. As scary as times might be, there’s still some beauty in this world and that beauty comes in the form of mother nature, reclaiming back her world.  We’ve seen less air pollution, deers chilling in the streets of Japan, clear waters that brought back the return […]

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