Bunch Of Kittens Meowing All At Once (Video)

Do you know what’s cuter than one kitten? Seven kittens.  Seven kittens, aged between 3-4 weeks, all meowing at once! Be still our beating hearts — there’s only so much cuteness we can handle!  And yes, this video is a bit old but who can blame us for wanting to reminiscence and watch a video […]

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"Keyboard Of Meows": YouTuber Creates Keyboard From His Cats' Vocals

Half-Asleep Chris makes a ‘Keyboard of Meows,’ filled with sounds from his beloved cat Ralph, who meows all… the… time.  With the heartbreaking loss of Half-Asleep Chris’s other black cat, Tom, this beautiful video plays as a reminder to appreciate our cats while they’re still with us.  So with that in mind, Half-Asleep Chris has […]

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Cat's Strange Meow Goes Viral On TikTok

We hear a squawking chicken… how about you? Elizabeth Opdycke, pet owner from Kelso, Washington, was in her kitchen when she heard a strange and her Bengal cat, Clark causally entered the room.  Just moments later, Clark began to make some unusual sounds that sounded more like a human shouting than any loud-mouthed feline we’ve […]

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