Paper Cut Artists Created a Beautiful Series Of Miniature Birds

Paper cut artists, nayan shrimali and vaishali chudasama, have created a series of intricately cut 2.5D birds.  Each bird is made by cutting out different layers on paper and then painting on details, like feathers or coloring, using watercolors. The pieces are then hand-assembled to give a final 2.5-dimensional look, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.  […]

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Man Builds A Miniature Kitchen Where He Cooks A Miniature Pasta For His Hamster

Nana is the cutest, roundest, and chubbiest hamster we’ve ever seen.  She’s also very lucky as her owner created a mini kitchen for her, equipped with all the necessary tools to prepare her a special pasta dinner.  Submitted by: (via NANA TV) Tagged: pasta , hamster , miniature , kitchen , animal video , animals […]

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