Proud Bengal Mom And Her Beautiful Kittens (Video)

This is just so precious, our hearts are about to burst!  If you’re watching this video, you can just tell how happy this mama cat is to be with her kittens — her meows,  and constantly grabbing them and grooming them! She’s so proud and so in love with them. Awwweee! It’s almost too much […]

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Two Minutes Of A Maine Coon Mama And Her Kittens (Video)

Lera, the Maine Coon, had kittens back at the end of 2017, and sometimes, we like to just watch simple videos such as this one.  A simple video of a mom and her babies, two minutes of purity and simplicity. Who needs more than that?  This mama is carefully watching her playful kittens, and talking […]

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Mama Labrador Teaches Puppies To Swim (Video)

This group of puppies, in pup-ticular, are just too cute! Learning to swim is at first very scary stuff, but you just got to go for it and take that plunge! Of course, with someone to supervise you and in this case, there were a few supervisors! Some hoomans and a very proud mama lab!  […]

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Four Adorable Baby Bunnies Think The Golden Retriever Is Their Mom

There’s nothing like a mother’s love.  These 22-days-old baby bunnies just wanted to feel that love even if it means laying next to Bailey, the adorable golden retriever, and adopting him as their mom.  We’re melting.     Submitted by: (via This is Bailey) Tagged: aww , bunnies , dogs , dog video , golden […]

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Dolphin Jumps For Joy After Baby Is Freed From A Net (Video)

This poor baby dolphin got caught in a fisherman’s deadly net, around the Italian island of Procida, Naples, as the mother helplessly didn’t leave its side. Luckily,  the baby dolphin was freed by a kind fisherman, who happened to be there, and the mother celebrated her baby’s freedom by jumping for joy!  It is physically […]

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