Twitter User Re- imagines Cats As Famous Movie Directors

We have found the Purr-fect thread for people who love movies as much as they love cats.  Twitter user, @westsidestwry, started an awesome thread – she reimagined famous movie directors as cats and it’s hilarious.  There’s CT versions of Tarantino, Coppola, Kubrik and many more.  Check it out.   1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”699″/> 2. […]

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‘Shade Grown Coffee’ Movie Sheds Beautiful New Light on Sustainable Production

Among the dense forest of sustainability efforts in the coffee industry, the concept of shade-grown remains largely on the fringes. Given that reality, a visually stunning feature-length documentary movie called…

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Lavazza-Made Documentary ‘Coffee Defenders’ to Begin Streaming This Week

Italian coffee giant Lavazza has taken to the virtual silver screen for an ambitious documentary movie highlighting sustainability initiatives in Colombia’s post-conflict coffeelands. Called “Coffee Defenders: A Path From Coca…

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Instagram User Spreads Positivity By Replacing Actors With Samoyed Dog

And to be completely honest, we like it better this way… 15/10 would watch.  Instagram user and owner of the two beautiful Samoyeds named Summer and Apollo, is trying to spread positivity in the form of fluffy cloud dreams. Those fluffy clouds dreams are Samoyeds. The artist behind this lovely idea has been photoshopping and […]

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Best Fictional Pet Ranked (20 Fictional Pets)

The Ranker as ranked the top 20 fictional pets!  Thanks to the help of people voting for their favorite animal characters from movies, cartoons, comics, and even pets from books! There are quite a few we feel are left out of this list but overall, it’s a pretty solid rank when it comes to our […]

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