The Piggenheim Museum: Gerbil Edition

Miniature art museums for gerbils seems to be taking off! When Imgur user, ShowMeYourKittehhs, saw the popular gerbil museum on Reddit last week, they were inspired to do the same for their gerbil, Maisie.  Prepare yourself for the grand tour! Commentary below provided by ShowMeYourKittehhs. 1. The original art museum that inspired this new gerbil […]

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The Closed Oklahoma Museum Is Looking For Pen Pals For Its Lonely Garden Cats

The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma is known for its formal gardens inspired by Villa Lante, an Italian country estate north of Rome.  Due to the current outbreak, the museum was forced to close its doors and gardens to the public on March 16 until further notice. Now, they want you to become […]

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People Are Recreating Great Works Of Art With Their Pets

Just like all other public places, museums are shut down these days too.  The Getty museum decided to entertain its audience by challenging them to recreate any work of art they like with whatever they can find at home.  People were right on it.  We have collected for you all those creative people who used […]

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