Pet Shaming At Its Finest (40 Pics)

Naughty, naughty! These pets were caught red-pawed! Red-pawed, that’s a thing right?  And what better way for pets to learn their wrongdoings than to publicly shame them (all in good fun though, don’t worry). And while we understand the reason being the shame, we can’t help but smile and continue loving theses awwdorable pets who […]

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Naughty Cat Slippers Brings Live Duck Through Cat Flap

‘Our cat somehow managed to let a LIVE DUCK into our house’ 😂😂 — LADbible (@ladbible) April 1, 2020 Well, look what the cat dragged in… Sorry, we had to. Honestly, we were worried for a moment in the beginning there but it turns out the duck is completely fine so we were able […]

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Ratirement Home Displays "Best And Worst Rat Of The Week"

Welcome to Rachie’s Retirement Home! A private rescue organization that specializing in caring for rats who need a new place to live, or permanent care.  “We take in any rat that needs us; we adopt, where we can, rehabilitated ones out to new pet homes.”  And each week, they post the most well-behaved rat along […]

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