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The Second Pueblo Querido Shop in Brooklyn is a Celebration of Colombian Coffee

The second retail outpost for the Brooklyn, New York-based roasting company Pueblo Querido is now open and offering Williamsburgers a little slice of Colombia. Owner Christian Guzman Herrera, who opened…

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Green Coffee Trader Sucafina Unveils Sucafina Specialty, Unifying Numerous Brands

Geneva, Switzerland-based global green coffee trader Sucafina has brought its various coffee merchant brands under one new unified brand, Sucafina Specialty. Previously, the Sucafina group encompassed 32Cup Specialty Coffee, based…

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Twitter Page Documents The Daily Lives Of Bodega Cats in New York

There are no cats quite like New York City bodega cats.  A bodega cat (also referred to as a deli cat, store cat, or shop cat) is a cat that inhabits a bodega, which in New York City English refers to a convenience store or deli.  The @BodegaCats twitter page provides a glimpse into their […]

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