Animals Enjoying Their Favorite Noms (Gifs)

Nom nom nom… it’s everyone’s favorite time of the day– time to eat!  If there’s a definite common interest between humans and animals, it would definitely be our interest in delicious noms.  Let’s chow down on some animal gifs enjoying their chow time!  1. Untitled There was a problem rendering this video – it may […]

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Polite Blue Tobacco Hornworn Won't Pupate, Only Wants Noms (Tweets)

Meet the Dr Manhattan of Caterpillars! This big guy is a Blue Tobacco Hornworn, and a big one!  His owner, Twitter user @stringmousey shared some adorable pics of the big fella claiming he won’t pupate — only eat.  Not that we can blame him, food is delicious and all we think about. The tweet went […]

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Cat Invasion: Clever Cat Opens The Screen Door And Finds The Food

And then all the strays followed suit! The invaders house, Walter Santi father, called up Walter telling him the amount of food in the container decreased considerably and if he could take a look at the security footage to find out why. What they found was amazing. The security camera footage shows one clever cat […]

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