Insightful Thread About "Long Stringy Thingy" Discovered In The Ocean (Tweets)

It’s scientifically called a “siphonophore Apolemia” but everyone is calling it the world’s longest “long stringy stingy thingy.” Which, honestly, is way more catchy.  International ocean researchers may have just discovered the longest living… thing… in the known world. Captured in a haunting video and explained upon in a Twitter thread by biologist Rebecca Helm, […]

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Under The Sea Beauties (Gifs)

There’s so much beauty under the sea. These creatures swim with just grace and can be so mesmerizingly colorful!  Sure, it’s slightly terrifying and there’s so much unknown about the world below but that makes it all the more exciting!  Let’s take a quick dive and explore some of the treasures the deep blue has […]

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Why Sea Turtles Have Such A Problem With Plastic Bags In the Ocean

They have a problem with the plastic because of their anti-barfing spikes. Settle in, folks! Here is a short and helpful explanation on the unique structure of a sea turtles esophagus: Submitted by: Tagged: facts , turtles , ocean , animal facts , plastic , sea turtles , plastic bags , animals Share on Facebook […]

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