Enjoy a Full Feline Transformation With a Siamese Kitty Pajama Onesie

The Japanese retailer, Felissimo’s Cat Club (Neko-bu), is a heaven on earth for cat lovers.  With their cool and quirky creativity, most of their items are geared towards the most dedicated cat lovers.  But their latest offering is for those who actually want to be a cat!  The cat-ear hooded pajama onesie comes equipped with […]

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Matching Besties: Custom-Made Robes For You And Your Dog

Remember those days you would call up your best friend and figure out matching outfits for school, parties, and trips? This is like that only way better… because this time, it involves your furry best friend! And who wouldn’t want to match with their furbaby?  Etsy shop ThePoshPawsCompany creates custom-made and fitting robes for dogs! […]

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