Digital Artist Transforms Animal Photos Into Cubes

Meet the talented digital imaging artist, based in Indonesia, Aditya Aryanto.  Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would look like in real life? Aryanto has achieved that. Aditya was fascinated by cubes, so much so that he felt the urge to transform animal images into cubes.  Turns out it looks pretty darn awesome and totally […]

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Seal Pup Who Tried To Escape The Rescue Center Gets The Photoshop Treatment

This adorable Seal pup from the St. Petersburg’s Marine Mammals rescue Center tried to escape a few days ago but didn’t manage to go too far away as he was found sitting in the corridor between the water houses.  The adorable seal has since been photoshopped into many popular memes.   Story via: English Russia […]

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Instagram User Spreads Positivity By Replacing Actors With Samoyed Dog

And to be completely honest, we like it better this way… 15/10 would watch.  Instagram user and owner of the two beautiful Samoyeds named Summer and Apollo, is trying to spread positivity in the form of fluffy cloud dreams. Those fluffy clouds dreams are Samoyeds. The artist behind this lovely idea has been photoshopping and […]

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People Photoshop "Zoom Calls" Screenshots Of Cats Stunned By Other Cats In Steamy Position

In days when face-to-face interaction is so 2019 and millions of people all over the world are zooming in with other people, it is only natural that the people on the internet will find a way to get the cats involved too.  So, they created a fake screenshot of a zoom call by taking a […]

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Photoshop Artist Is Back With New Images Of Cat Faces Everywhere

What if cat faces were really everywhere?  Welcome to the cat universe of Koty Vezde, a 29-years-old photoshop artist from Moscow who runs the popular Instagram page, Cats are Everywhere. On this incredibly funny account, you can see cats, well, everywhere.  It’s cute. It’s weird. It’s hilarious.  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. […]

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