Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#87)

Once a week, your cuteness prescription will always be automatically refilled for your viewing pleasure! Get ready because this week is the cutest week yet (just like every week)!  Nothing — and we mean nothing brings on those warm mushy feeling like a huge dose of animal cuteness! We scoured the internet to bring you the […]

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Blessed Animal Pics That Keep The World Turning

Stop the presses! We’ve got 40 extra blessed-images that you will need to breath in, to ensure you’ll have a wholesome golly-good day! If not, you’ll still have a good day. Good days all around! Just saying that these 40 images will add that extra flare to your day! Prepare to feel blessed.  And yes, […]

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Exciting Saga Of Cats Vs Dogs Continues (17 Pics + 9 Gifs)

In an exciting new round of cats vs dogs, we seems to have a pretty clear winner! Who do you think will win? Find out below!  Submitted by: Tagged: dogs , pictures , gifs , lol , Cats , funny , animals Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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Our Obsession With Smudge The Table Cat Is Unmatched (18 Smudge Pics)

Fight us. We love Smudge and will post any and all photos of our lord. If you’re a Smudge fan you probably already follow Smudge on Instagram, if not, you really should.  All hail Smudge! Submitted by: Tagged: pictures , legend , Memes , Cats , smudge , animals , smudge lord Share on Facebook […]

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