When Brutus First Met Pixie (Comic)

We simply cannot get enough of this wholesome duo, created by the talented Ben Hed, commonly known on Instagram as @Pet_Foolery. This new installment of cuteness is a flashback to when Brutus first met Pixie, and if you thought this comic wasn’t cute enough — it’s about to skyrocket!  Incoming smiles in 3… 2… 1! […]

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Latest "Pixie and Brutus" Comic For Additional Smiles

We’ll never get tired of this wholesome duo!  If you’re not following Pet_Foolery on Instagram yet, you’re missing out! There isn’t just “Pixie and Brutus” comics, there are so many different animal comics going on and they’re all truly fantastic! Take a moment to check them out!  And now, onto the main event, the new […]

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