Artist Creates Relatable 'Animal Crossing' Comic But With Pokemon Characters

Who else is obsessively playing Animal Crossing these days? We know we are! Darn that Tom Nook and his hefty loan! Anyways, Instagram artist @nekoama, made a relatable and quite adorable Animal Crossing comic! Instead of the usual classic Animal Crossing characters we’ve all come to know so well, it’s re-imagined with Pokemon characters!  As […]

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Pokémon Positivity For Those Who Need It

Everyone could use some positivity to their day! And we’ve got a lot of positivity coming your way! 30 adorable uplifting Pokémon that are here to bring you some needed words of encouragement.  TheShunBun is the artist behind these cute illustrations with inspirational message and you can follow on Instagram!  Submitted by: Tagged: aww , […]

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