Cute And Smiling Possums (12 Images)

See? They don’t only just scream.  We do love those screaming possum memes though. We wanted to share another side to these screaming cuties! A side of them being sweet, and sporting a big wide grin!  Go on and look at these photos… then look straight into our eyes and say you didn’t smile. You […]

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Meet The Rare Golden Possums Of Australia

In 2018, The Boronia Veterinary Clinic in Australia announced on Facebook about a very rare and special guest at their clinic- a rescued brushtail possum with an incredible orange-yellow coat, often referred to as “Golden possums”.    The real-life Pikachu was sadly found lying on the ground by a concerned rescuer when he was just […]

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Literally Just a Bunch Of Funny Possums (Photos And Memes)

Instead of caving to the media’s portrayal of possums as terrifying rat-like trash burglars, let this collection of adorable possum pictures change your mind. Check out these funny possum pictures. They’re more charming than you think.  Submitted by: Tagged: possums , funny memes , funny photos , animal memes Share on Facebook         Click here […]

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