Tweets About Those Wonderful Creatures Called Pugs

These tweets prove that lil’ pugs are the most ridiculous dog breed and we all should be thankful these wonderful creatures exist.  1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”695″/> 2. 3. Untitled Our Pug Daddy may have an annoying voice but other than that he’s okay…we guess. #HappyFathersDay #PugDaddy #PugHeadTilt pic.twitter.com/byRW2eZdxr — Minnie & Max the Pugs […]

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Pugs Are The Ultimate Anti-Depressants These Days

We have come across this precious twitter page featuring pugs only and we couldn’t help sharing.  There are pugs sleeping, running, having a bath or just doing pug things.  You’re welcome!      1. Untitled Just chilling pic.twitter.com/U55hSWhLJU — Popular Pugs (@PopularPugs) April 5, 2020 2. Untitled So adorable pic.twitter.com/8ZZ44lVp08 — Popular Pugs (@PopularPugs) April […]

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@popularpugs On Twitter Is a Heaven Of Pugs Doing Funny Things

Ok, now it’s official! We have found the cutest twitter page ever. @popularpugs brings us all the cutest pugs online and our heart is melting.    Submitted by: Tagged: dogs , cute dogs , dog video , pugs , funny dogs Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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