"Pixie and Brutus" Artist Draws Punny Star Wars Comic Featuring Birds

Star Wars Day continues with this awesome and very punny comic by the talented @PetFoolery!  You might know @PetFoolery due to the popular “Pixie and Brutus” comics, but there’s more animal comics featured on this artist’s instagram page than just “Pixie and Brutus.”  In the spirit of May the 4th, we share @Pet_Foolery’s latest comic! […]

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Punny Animal Illustrations Are Totally A Mood (25 Pics)

The artist behind these fantastically punny works of art is Lim Heng Swee (aka ‘ilovedoodle’). The best part of these illustration is how it captures a certain mood that everyone can relate to … laziness.  The feeling of being completely uninspired, tired, bored, etc, but with a whimsical added humor of some animal-related puns!  If […]

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Mute Kitty

Submitted by: (via Cats On Catnip) Tagged: cat memes , text message , Cats , puns Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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Pun Station; Grumpy Animal Illustrations

We bleeping love these grumpy animals and their grumpy puns!  The artist known as ‘BeastFlaps’ is on a mission to draw ” a new grumpy animal every day this year,” and we love each and every single one of them.  Who knew grumpiness would just be our forever mood?  You can follow BeastFlaps on Instagram, […]

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