Mama Labrador Teaches Puppies To Swim (Video)

This group of puppies, in pup-ticular, are just too cute! Learning to swim is at first very scary stuff, but you just got to go for it and take that plunge! Of course, with someone to supervise you and in this case, there were a few supervisors! Some hoomans and a very proud mama lab!  […]

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Papa Wolf And Puppy Comic Is Melting Hearts

OK, we know this comic is a little on the long side but trust us — it’s worth the read.  The artist, Weibo, has released the absolute sweetest papa wolf comic! The wolf, is the alpha dog, who happens to discover a small defenseless pup who wouldn’t survive on his own. So naturally, the wolf […]

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Husky Puppy vs Bowl

This pup is finding some things out. Like why does his food bowl move? Maybe it’s a toy? Maybe it needs to be defeated??  Cheezburger’s Youtube Channel for more adorable videos!  Submitted by: (via cheezburger) Tagged: dogs , adorable , puppy , husky , cute , doggo , lol , funny Share on Facebook         […]

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People Are Not Sure If This Adorable Creature With Derpy Expression Is a Puppy Or a Kitten

Well, it doesn’t really matter when one thing is clear- this little puppy from Vietnam is definitely one of the cutest things we have seen lately. The Hmong dogs look like a little kitten/ puppy hybrid with a constant derpy expression on their face. They were originally bred as hunting and guard dogs but let’s […]

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