Twitter Thread About A Man, A Cat, A Raccoon And The Rolling Stones Album

When Twitter user, Aaron Reynolds, decided to start a new evening ritual of listening to old music in his walkman on the hammock in his back yard, he didn’t plan to have company other than his cat.  But at a really dark night, anything can actually happen.   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. […]

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Cute Raccoons Looking Like A Mini Version Of Pandas

Stumbling upon a raccoon in your trash can is annoying, to say the least.  But once you look into those beady little eyes surrounded by dark fur, you realize that raccoons are just a smaller version of pandas.  Check out these raccoons being cute.  They would easily scurry away with your heart. 1. 2. 3. […]

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Animals Who Went A Bit Stir Crazy Indoors And Need To Let Their Craziness Out

“Okay, I’m bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored” We may have only been cooped up for x amount of months (depending on where you’re from), but think about this — your pets are home nearly 24/7 and have been for years!  It’s only natural that they would go a bit stir […]

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Raccoons Are Getting Drunk In Canada From Fremented Fruits

A number of residents have seen raccoons stumbling about town, or passing out in broad daylight. A biology professor at Carleton University thinks the animals are likely overindulging on fermented fruit.  A few days ago, Emily Rodgers arrived home to find one of the normally nocturnal creatures nearly knocked out in her southwest Ottawa backyard:”He […]

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Collection Of Raccoons Just Being Their Adorable Selves

Raccoons, or as they’ve commonly known on the internet ‘Trash Pandas,’ don’t get enough recognition for just how adorable they are! With their human-like paws, and the bandit-colored patterns, it’s really difficult to look one in the eyes and not fall prey to it’s cuteness.   Here is a small, but hearty collection of raccoons […]

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