Brown Kitten Takes Internet By Storm

Think about it… have you ever seen a cat with an all brown coat? Neither have we!  Meet Bojay! The completely brown kitten (fur and eyes) that Redditors are now obsessed with and we’re in the exact same boat!  Bojay is currently 5 months old and is a British Shorthair, and according to his owner […]

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Meet The Rare Golden Possums Of Australia

In 2018, The Boronia Veterinary Clinic in Australia announced on Facebook about a very rare and special guest at their clinic- a rescued brushtail possum with an incredible orange-yellow coat, often referred to as “Golden possums”.    The real-life Pikachu was sadly found lying on the ground by a concerned rescuer when he was just […]

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Beautiful Golden Moon Bear Is Often Mistaken For A Lion

Meet Brandy! The most beautiful moon bear in the world!  Brandy was rescued in 1999, by Free the Bears, when she was found clinging to a tree in Southern California, once a forested area that was converted to a palm oil plantation. Now Brandy currently resides at the Cambodia Bear Sanctuary, which is the world’s […]

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Milkshake, A Rare Pink Pug, Is One Of Less Than 100 In The World

Meet Milkshake! A rare pug who is completely pink with an irresistible squishy face and lovely baby blue eyes. Milkshake is 17-months-old and has already gained a lot of attention on social media! His Instagram account has a following of over 58k and continues to grow!  His unique coloring is caused by a lack of […]

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Cats With The Rare Feline Depigmentation Known As Vitiligo

There are different types of depigmentation in felines; Leukoderma (“white skin”), leukotrichia (“white hair”) or vitiligo, which leaves cats with a “snowflake” appearance. All the conditions are very rare and purely cosmetic, meaning the animals who have the rare condition aren’t physically affected by it. Vitiligo is one form of leukoderma. It usually causes loss of […]

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