Major Awws: Tucked In Kitties (18 Pics)

Kitties are heckin’ cute, but do you know what’s cuter? Kitties all tucked in for a scrumptious nap! And not just one kitty — a bunch of them!  Oh geez, our hearts are bursting just thinking about it! And how cozy and comfy they look… Is anyone else tempted to just go and take a […]

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Confused Doggo Turns Head Suddenly, After Seeing Owner Do So (Video)

When older bro turns head suddenly, so does little bro from r/aww What a cutie patootie! It’s no secret that golden receivers are some of the cutest pups around but it’s moments like this that elevate that cuteness status!  Redditor user, u/vladgrinch, shared this video of his older brother suddenly turning his head and staring, […]

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Brown Kitten Takes Internet By Storm

Think about it… have you ever seen a cat with an all brown coat? Neither have we!  Meet Bojay! The completely brown kitten (fur and eyes) that Redditors are now obsessed with and we’re in the exact same boat!  Bojay is currently 5 months old and is a British Shorthair, and according to his owner […]

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Cat Medley: Funnies, Cuteness Galore, Mourning And Loss

We searched through the most up-voted cat pictures on the popular subreddit r/cats, this week, and we decided to share them all with you! The pictures all have one thing in common, and that is, of course, cats. However, that’s where the similarities end.  There are images of hilarious cats being hilarious, adorable-ness (naturally), and […]

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Internet Helps Student Find Their Cat, After Parents Secretly Gave it Away

Oh man, so many things wrong with this and so much anxiety! Over the past week, one college student and Redditor, nexerxe, shared some disturbing news that rattled the animal-loving community… The Redditor’s parents gave away the student’s cat, Spotty, without telling them about it.  How heartbreaking to find out your beloved pet was given […]

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