When an Elegant Cat With a Bow Tie Orders a Martini

“How long should I wait for that order”? Please be prepared for a master class from one cultured cat who’s learning how to order and drink a martini.  Submitted by: (via CatPusic) Tagged: martini , bow tie , restaurant , cat videos , Cats Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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Restaurants Use Animals To Enforce Social Distancing Norms In The Cutest Way

Well, that’s what we call social distancing with cuteness overload.  As restaurants and coffee shops around the world are slowly re-opening their doors, owners have to come up with some creative ways to keep their customers away from each other.    And what could be better than some cute animals? Let’s take a look.  1. […]

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A Vietnamese Restaurant Placed Stuffed Pandas To Keep Their Diners Company

When the world tries to heal by reopening public places and restaurants, there are still some concerns about how to keep social distancing between people.  The Maison Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant in Thailand, Found the perfect solution to kill the pandemic blues for those who can’t bear to eat alone.   When the restaurant initially […]

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