Hit The Grounds Running: Coffee-Filled Feet Help Robots Walk Faster

As more robots make coffee, humans at the University of California San Diego are finding that coffee also offers robots a little extra pep in their step. Roboticists at the…

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From Indiana, Specialty Roaster Botz Coffee Beguiles with Roast Profiles

The robots may be coming for coffee, although behind every ‘bot there’s at least one even better human. This is certainly the case with Botz Coffee, whose crudely lovable robot…

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Meet Spot, The Robot Dog Patroling Singapore Parks To Encourage Social Distancing

With coronavirus outbreaks at different stages around the world, In many countries lockdowns are being carefully eased while urging citizens to keep on practicing the social distancing rules.  Meet Spot, one of Singapore’s newest measures after lifting lockdown.     Spot is a remote-controlled, four-legged dog robot who walks around Singapore parks and politely reminds […]

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The Rozum Cafe Offers a Customizable Robotic Espresso Setup

Rozum Robotics, backed by a development team in Belarus with offices in the United States and Europe, is seeking to enter more specialty coffee retail markets in various countries around…

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