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Coastal Village In Phillippines Works Hard To Protect Sea Turtle Nest Site

Villagers in the coastal village of Candiis in the Philippines, are taking part in an initiative to protect turtle nesting sites have recorded their most successful season in awhile! With nearly 300 hatchlings released into the sea in the first half of May alone — and more expected before the month ends. In 2019, the […]

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Undisturbed Sea Turtles Lay 60 Million Eggs

Another uplifting story to come from this lock-down mess. As scary as times might be, there’s still some beauty in this world and that beauty comes in the form of mother nature, reclaiming back her world.  We’ve seen less air pollution, deers chilling in the streets of Japan, clear waters that brought back the return […]

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Why Sea Turtles Have Such A Problem With Plastic Bags In the Ocean

They have a problem with the plastic because of their anti-barfing spikes. Settle in, folks! Here is a short and helpful explanation on the unique structure of a sea turtles esophagus: Submitted by: Tagged: facts , turtles , ocean , animal facts , plastic , sea turtles , plastic bags , animals Share on Facebook […]

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