Peaceful Sheep Laying In A Field As It Eats (Video)

This may be the shortest video we’ve ever featured, but it’s too important not to share with you! The absolute careless bliss and wholesomeness!  And for all those who believe in spirit animals, we believe we found you another wonderful contender! This lazy, or simply happy, sheep is laying in a field of grass… and […]

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Couple Postpones Wedding After Spending 40,000$ On Moko, Their Adopted Disabled Sheep

Kristin Harkness and Jay Yonz from North Carolina are a very unique couple with a giant heart.  The animal-mad couple decided to spend all of their savings on giving their adopted disabled sheep a better quality of life, rather than go ahead with their wedding. And if that’s not enough, they also run refuge with […]

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Farm In Scotland Pranks American Tourists By Spray-Painting Its Sheep Tartan Style

Have you ever wondered where tartan wool comes from? well, now you know: meet the “tartan sheep” of Scottland.  Submitted by: Tagged: color , scotland , sheep , farm , funny Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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