Ultimate Bird Party Complete With Snacks (40 Gifs)

What a treat! A massive, and hysterical, gathering of birbs being their birby selves! We have a strange love with birds. There are some birds that actually terrify us — we’re looking at you food-stealing seagulls. But mostly, birds can be quite lovely. Like, that one bird that looks like a happy cotton ball! Remember […]

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Places Oliver The Cat Shouldn't Be

Cats don’t care about our human rules, if they want to be somewhere — gosh darn it, they’ll find a way to get there!  While it’s frustrating when they do it a hundred times over, even when you firmly say no and take them elsewhere. You gotta give them so rebellious credit, they’re really sticking […]

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Variety Of Cute Animal Gifs In These Trying Times

During these trying times, we’re on a self-proclaimed mission to flood the interwebs with adorable and wholesome animal gifs and pics. It’s just delightful to take a media break and watch silly animals be their natural silly selves.  If you need a extra dose of the cute, may we interest you in our weekly dose […]

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