People Are Surprised To Discover Baby Owls Sleep With Their Faces Down

One viral photo tweeted by journalist, Mark Rees, started an internet stardom.  People have suddenly discovered that baby owls nap with their faces down and look unbelievably cute while doing so. Turns out, the reason behind this weird sleeping position is that their heads are too big.    The responses have been pretty funny, as […]

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Not-So-Tiny Cats In Very Tiny Beds (20 Pics)

Shhh… be very, very quiet. We have a handful of sleepy cats taking one of their 100th catnaps of the day.  And we don’t want to disturb their precious beauty sleep! So, if you can, tiptoe from picture to picture and please refrain for “aww”‘ing out loud.  We know it’ll be hard but the cat’s […]

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Sleeping Cats Is The Purr-fect Reminder For Workaholics To Get Some Z's

Striking a harmonious work-life balance is a serious challenge in many countries around the world.  When the balance tips on the side of work, one of the first things to get sacrificed is rest. This new capsule toy by the Japanese Kitan Klub was created for all those sleep-deprived workers.  The figurines of adorable sleeping […]

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Sleeping Cats Who Are Pissed At Their Owners For Waking Them Up (Memes)

“For the love of cats…why did you wake me up?! this better be good…” Cats like to sleep. Anywhere. Anytime. So don’t you dare to wake them up!    Submitted by: Tagged: wake up , Cats , sleeping , cat memes Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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Cats' Sleeping Position Reveal A Lot About Their Personality

Did you know a cats’ position while they sleep can share numerous aspects of their personality and health? This video breaks down the most commonly seen cat sleeping positions and explains the science behind each one.  Whether your cat sleeps curled-up, in a box, loaf, sideways, monorail or in a contortionist position — find out […]

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