Hero Cat Who Alerted Owner That The Slow Cooker Was Burning

In the middle of the night, cat owner Scott White was awoken in the early hours of Sunday to his cat purring and pacing about the room. Then the rescue cat, named Joey, even stood on his chest to get his undivided attention.  Luckily, Mr White was able to recognize something was wrong with the […]

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Wholesome Animal Pics That Radiate Warmth

Let’s bask in the warm sunshine that is wholesome pictures.  Let it soak into your skin and heart, and just let that warmth spread to every inch of you.  It’s what you need. It’s what we all need.  1. Making sure a bat can sleep 2. 3. “My girlfriend’s kitten sticks his tongue out when […]

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Paralyzed Pit bull Gets a Second Chance Thanks to The Wheelchair Her Dad Built

Meet Alex, she’s just like every other dog and thanks to her wheelchair her dad built her, she can do it all! Alex, an outgoing and adorable ray of sunshine was in an unfortunate accident when she was just a pup. The accident left her paralyzed. But her parents did not give up. They went […]

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