teddy bears


Amusement Park Straps In Giant Teddy Bear For Thrilling Ride

A Dutch theme park called Walibi Holland has just re-opened to the public and share an unusual group of thrill-seekers riding their ‘Untamed’ coaster.  In a fun and original way to invite back fans, and announce their re-opening, the staff has strapped 22 oversized teddy bears into the coaster for the best thrill ride of […]

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Ted & Ed Are Giant Teddy Bears Who Entertain Their Neighborhood These Days

One creative neighbor in a suburb of Stockport, UK, has decided to use his two giant teddy bears, Ted and Ed, to bring some smiles to his neighbors during these days of lockdown.    Every morning for the last 21 days, the two teddy bears are busy different chores in their yard- washing the car, […]

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