Eighteen Delicious Birds Of Tumblr (Funny Posts)

A little birdy told me… that you’re really going to enjoy these hilarious Tumblr posts!  How do we know this? Well, for one, we really enjoyed them. And we tend to like the same funny animal-related pics, tweets and memes! So, why would this be any different? So, get ready to shake your tail feathers […]

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Hilarious Cockatiel Comics By PotatoPato

If you have a cockatiel, you’ll strongly relate to these hilarious and so very accurate comics by the talented @PotatoPato. And if you don’t have a cockatiel, you should still check these out because this is exactly what it would be like to have one!  Plus, they’re truly so enjoyable even if you have no […]

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A star is born

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Will take them everywhere

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"Vintage Cat Faces" On Tumblr Brings On The Nostalgic Spirit

Contrary to what the internet might have you believe, taking pictures of cats is not a new obsession.  Since the dawn of photography, people with cameras have been aiming them at their cats.  Tumblr page, Vintage cat faces, is taking us on a trip through the archives to find some cat photos from way back […]

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