Video Tweets Showing How Truly Magnificent Is Mother Nature

@WelcomeToNature is a magnificent twitter account bringing daily stunning photos and videos from all around the world, showing mother nature at its best.    We have collected a gallery with some of the finest animal videos.    1. Untitled 🔥 Gorgeous lion — Welcome To Nature (@welcomet0nature) May 23, 2020 2. Untitled Cats really […]

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Twitter Thread Of Cats Sitting In Unusual Poses (17 Tweets)

Or as Twitter user, @bitterbleue, calls it “a thread for cats sitting in that really specific way on their asses.”  The thread went viral with nearly 300k likes and that means a ton of comments and pictures of users’ cats sitting in a “really specific way on their asses.” Thank you, @bitterbleue, for this wonderful […]

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Eighteen Valuable And Ultimutt Doggo Ratings (Tweets)

It’s no secret that dogs are magical angels sent here to Earth to help us understand love, we know that, they know that, and Rate My Dog on Twitter definitely knows that! Our favorite and very accurate doggo rating system delivers constant smiles every day and here are the latest ones that spread the joy!  […]

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Fresh Dose Of Doggo Thoughts (15 Tweets)

It’s been a hot minute since we shared thoughts from our favorite doggo on Twitter — Thoughts of Dog!  Not only is this page truly wholesome but it also helps lifts your spirit (especially these days) and does a heckin’ good job summing up our current predicament in the form of uplifting tweets. If you’re […]

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Twitter Users Describe Cute And Funny Pet Stories (21 Tweets)

When Twitter user @AbriltheDuchess shared a story about her dog coco living in an apartment that was not pet friendly, it created a lovely thread of other users sharing hilarious and adorable stories about their dogs as well. Turns out, dogs are pretty mischievous… who knew right?  Enjoy the stories of their shenanigans!  1. 2. […]

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